Thursday, February 18, 2021

Single Parenting

Dealing with the loss and the grief was one thing and I believe I found my way through it and I'm able to cope with those feelings as they still come up now. The biggest struggle is being a single parent. Not having somebody to toss ideas around with or having somebody to have your back when you try to do something hard. I know I have support from family and friends but it's different having another parent.

I have been trying to get my youngest to be awake and do school work during the day. I struggled to get him out of bed this morning and when I came downstairs in tears, my middle one said to me, "It's not your fault. No one expects us to be okay. It's only been 3 years."

He's right. We all grieve differently and in a different time frame. But I do feel that society thinks we should be okay and we should be able to do the daily routine things like school and work. Being in a global pandemic also doesn't help with keeping routines and receiving support.

I trust that God put me here in this time frame to be the best mom I can be and I'm working on that. 

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