Wednesday, December 8, 2021

what path will you take?

Here is what I wrote after listening to today's reflection about a poem/autobiography by Portia Nelson:
Choosing to move forward with life was very hard, it is hard. But it's made so much of a difference in me. Sometimes what seems so hard is just a lesson to choose another sidewalk if one is full of holes or has been closed. God closed the street of my marriage when Steve passed away. He forced me to choose another path. I'm still on my journey. I can turn around and see the other path. I can see all the paths I chose or were chosen for me but I can also look ahead and see the next path that's available to me. It's scary to leave the familiar path with the people in the places I'm familiar with but it's an option to always go back in my memories and relive the moments. Looking a different direction opens up possibilities I never knew existed. Move forward and when you get to a crossroads, spend time in the moments of the path you've been on and then choose a new one to continue your journey.

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