Thursday, March 17, 2022

Sharing Memories

 A friend today told me found a quarter on her chair when she stood up yesterday. I told her that Steve had probably left it there. She asked why and I told her about how many he has left for me and in some of the places. She said it made sense for me to get them but she wasn't sure why he would leave her one. But then she said she was talking to her daughter about a memory of him. 

She shared a time that we played cards and were trying to learn to play Euchre and how confusing the jacks were. That was also the night that he asked the rest of us if our cards smelled like green apple. We all said no.  Come to find out it was the scent of the soap in the bathroom and he had washed his hands so it wasn't the cards after all. 

Anyway, the point is, I love hearing stories and bringing up memories of Steve. Sometimes they make me sad but it's nice to know that others think of him and miss him too. Please continue to share memories with others of people we have lost so we all know they are never forgotten. 

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