Saturday, April 14, 2018

last breath

He had routine hernia surgery on Monday morning that went very well. On Tuesday morning the kids and I said goodbye and left for school and work.  He was up and talking and had slept okay through the night.

Per doctor's orders, he needed someone with him for 24 hours so his dad came over to be there for the morning. They watched TV. Steve threw a remote at his dad when he fell asleep teasing him about who was the one watching who.

Steve's mom came over in the afternoon and asked if he wanted anything for lunch and he asked for chicken nuggets from McDonald's as they had tasted good the afternoon before.  She ran out to get them. She was gone about 15 minutes.

While she was gone, Steve got up to go to the bathroom and after a few minutes his dad called out to see if he was okay. He answered, "Yes".  A few more minutes pass and he asks again. This time the answer is "I am having trouble breathing". An ambulance is called and his mom returns to find his dad saying "Steve, you need to stay with me.".  The ambulance came and worked on him for awhile and then brought him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

No pain, No feeling that it was happening. God needed him more than us, I guess.

I thank God everyday that he was not home alone and that his parents were with him when he came into the world and again when he left. I am also thankful that we did not come home to find him. God knew what needed to be that day.

(*The cause of death was listed as Fatty Liver Disease and not connected to the surgery.)

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