Tuesday, April 17, 2018

My Place of Employment

Someone called from the hospital to tell the superintendent what had happened and that I would not be in the next day.  I assume that my priest told them a least a little bit while he waited for me to get my jacket. An emergency meeting was held at the end of the day to let the teachers know. A few stopped by the house that day after school to see what I needed. One person offered to come and throw in laundry or run to the store for me. It was odd to see my colleagues at my house. Many from Steve's school came as well. I remember telling someone what a strange mix of people, as I am sure most of the people did not know each other. Another thing that I kept on a list were peoples cell phone numbers.  A few people offered to help if I needed it but then I didn't have a way to get a hold of them. 

The students were told in their homerooms Wednesday morning that he had passed away and that I would be going through a rough time and that they were not sure when I would be back. 

The next day (Wednesday) was last day of school before the start of Christmas Break. I am not sure when I told them that I would be back after break or if I just went back in January. I felt that I needed to go back, to be distracted, to help the kids, and to not be home anymore.  No one wants to be back the day after a vacation and everyone was tired,so I think I fit in.  It was awkward to see staff that had not attended the funeral and the students were not sure what to say.  I made it through most of the day without a lot of tears. I didn't work everyday that week. It was overwhelming and I felt I needed to be with my kids if they stayed home. Everyone kept asking if there was anything they could do and if I needed anything.  My time off the first few days was listed as bereavement/funeral time since the funeral had been on days that were were on break. 

I worked with the secretary in the superintendents office to make changes to my tax form. I needed to list myself as single instead of married.  That was really hard to do because I still felt (feel) married. I also made changes to my health insurance to make sure that my children were listed as the primary beneficiaries now.  I am not sure if she needed a copy of the death certificate or not. 

I eventually made some changes to my direct deposit amounts too after certain things were paid off. 

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