Sunday, May 6, 2018

Life Insurance

My husband's family had bought a small life insurance policy when he was a baby. We made a once-a-year payment to keep that policy going and I never thought more about it than that.

The funeral home contacted them directly to let them know that Steve had passed away and to start the paperwork. I had the choice again on how I wanted to receive the funds. I chose to have them pay the funeral home directly to help cover the cost of funeral; the casket, the cards, the burial, the fees because it was winter, etc.

If anything was left, I would receive the remaining in the form of a check. I signed the paperwork only a couple days after Steve had died and about two weeks later I received the check.

I feel absolutely blessed that his family started this policy. It cost us about $3 per payday to have enough to make the yearly policy payment. Having the peace of mind that the funeral was covered was huge at that time.

I completely recommend everybody getting a policy for at least enough to cover a funeral.

In the last month or so I went to my insurance agent and contacted them about getting a quote on how much policies for my boys would be. I am using part of the money I receive as a death benefit to cover the cost to have policies for them. I know firsthand how important it is to be able to cover the funeral costs. I pray that they will not have to use this money until they are much older, but as we now know, we do not know the time that will leave this earth.

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