Saturday, May 5, 2018

Watching over us

A couple weeks ago in church I was kneeling down praying and I have what I guess I would consider a vision. My son was next to me.

I could see Steve up above us in what I believe to be heaven, kneeling on one knee by a little boy. He had his arm around his  shoulder and Steve leaned close and told that little boy, "Do you see that boy down there? That's my son and he's 11. I watch over him just like you'll get to watch over your 11 year old brother."

A woman I know just lost her 12 year old little boy and has an 11 year old son here on Earth. I don't know what either of her children look like, but I know that's who Steve was with that day.

Maybe, just maybe, the reason Steve needed to leave us with so that he could be in heaven to welcome that little boy and to teach him how to be a gaurdian angel. 

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