Saturday, May 5, 2018


My son right now is getting ready to go to prom; his senior prom. I'm really struggling with him going in the fact that at our junior prom was the first time Steve told me that he loved me. I didn't repeat it that night to him but I did the next night when we got off the phone. I'm so thankful he was brave enough to say it twice. He always told me when I didn't repeat it back to him while we were dancing, that he wasn't sure if I didn't love him or if I hadn't heard him.

We hadn't been dating that long but we both knew at that point that we would be together forever. He said he knew he loved me before he even asked me out. He told me it was because I was beautiful and always kind.

It's hard to believe my senior prom was 25 years ago. I am so thankful for the fact that we had 26 years together. I still don't understand why some people get to have 60 years and why some people don't get any years. I do know it's all according to whatever God has planned for us.

Little things like prom become big things in my heart.

On my way home last night from sitting on the beach at sunset, all of a sudden behind my vehicle was a truck similar to the one that Steve drove. I was listening to Bob Seger on the radio. Then the next time I looked up, the truck was gone.

I know he was following me home last night. I know he still watches over me. And I know that he's watching over our son as he goes to prom with the girl he loves.

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